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6 additional capabilities of Plesk that you aren’t aware of

Easy and highly capable hosting panels are the major requirements for any website as they empower the administrators to efficiently meet the varying needs of website management. One of the most popular web hosting panels in the industry is the Plesk Panel. Along with wide popularity, the friendly features and advanced tools also add to the overall appeal of the Plesk Panel. We have compiled a list of different tools and strong features of Plesk panel and in this blog, we will discuss the same.

WordPress management

WordPress is a widely popular content management system used by many websites across the globe. However, in terms of technical management it has specific requirements especially in regards to syncing, cloning, etc. Especially the beginners are in a dilemma as WordPress is easier for the content solutions but technical management has specific requirements.

As a beginner friendly platform Plesk allows for easy WordPress management with a complete WordPress toolkit. It helps you for quick installation as well as easy management of WordPress installations. Some of the easy functionalities it provides are:

  • Installation or importing of WordPress
  • Better management of visual preferences (titles, lists, etc.)
  • Cloning, management, and synchronization of the files
  • Complete plug-ins management
  • Security management (including Backup and restoring)
  • Comprehensive setting management for WordPress sites

SEO Toolkit

Managing SEO can be a complicated task, not only for the beginners but advanced users as well. Updating yourself with the latest guidelines and doing needful on a regular basis can be very demanding. Plesk offers you a complete SEO toolkit with premium features like

  • Site Auditing: for a comprehensible list clearly mentioning issues while suggesting solutions
  • Logfile Analyzer
  • Logfile Analyzer: for quick and easy review of server and logfiles along with providing comprehensive web traffic report. It allows you for deep monitoring of search engine crawlers and takes best optimization decisions to improve ranking.
  • Rank Tracker: to offer a comprehensive report comparing your keyword performance with that f your competitors to help you stay ahead of your competitor in the digital arena
  • SEO Advisors: to offer them a quick to understand report including every vital aspect of the site SEO on different parts 

In-built tools for extended functionalities

Committed to offering friendly features for beginners and advanced users alike, Plesk has an (almost) all-inclusive ecosystem with inbuilt tools like billing & business manager.

It saves clients from investing in third-party tools. Additionally, it also allows them to tackle diverse administrative processes without switching to multiple channels.

Clean and well organized interface

The Plesk offers a well-organized and retina friendly user interface that is self-explanatory and easy to be navigated.

  • The cogent virtual interface is finely streamlined by logically arranging the different icons, menus, and commands.
  • Soothing color, well-partitioned space, and other such structural improvements have made it easier than ever to quickly execute the task without much of the guesswork.

Plesk is ideal for multiple operating systems (OS)

One of the notions that many people still have is that the Plesk works best for windows only. However, the reality is that the Plesk has made several developments in the recent past and introduced an array of features that have fine-tuned it with the specific needs of different OS.

Plesk is now equipped with strong features to meet the specific work environment of:

  • Debian
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows Server
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Virtuozzo Linux
  • CloudLinux

Better multi-user management ecosystem

While other leading hosting panels also allow multiple account ecosystems, it still requires the frequent intervention of an administrator. Besides, there is only single password and administrators can distribute only specific rights to other users.

  • As opposed to that the Plesk empowers the resellers to determine roles and subscription for different users
  • There is an easy provision for instantly opening or closing the services/resources to the users as and when required
  • It saves the administrator from frequent micro-management needs and allows other users to enjoy better independence. 


The Plesk hosting panel has gained wide popularity in the web hosting industry as a friendly hosting panel for both beginners as well as advanced users. The progressive outlook of the company and the futuristic approach has allowed the Plesk to pace ahead of its competitors. In this article, we have discussed 6 major qualities and purpose-specific tools of Plesk panel that offers it a distinct reputation in the web hosting industry. It will help the readers to take a wise decision while selecting the best panel for website management.

Author Bio: Alisha is a content writer and director of operations. She writes for various industries like travel, wildlife, history, art, and of course technology! She works with B2B and B2C businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.


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