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Data Driven Marketing: be guided by the numbers to develop your strategies

When we talk about Data Driven Marketing, I am always confident because I know that every activity will be based on concrete, not improvised steps. This is important when you work on the quality of the results because there is always the risk of being guided by unverified ideas.

And from feelings, hypotheses more or less verified, rumors and forecasts. Of course, I am the first to consider the importance of a creative and flexible approach. Sometimes the best ideas in web marketing strategies come by chance. Without a schematic forecast.

But it does not always work that way. Or rather, if we are talking about a strategy for digital promotion, and in particular online, we need techniques to put in place. Which are established upstream thanks to parameters that help reduce uncertainties and possible errors.

What is Data Driven Marketing: definition

With this term we intend a specific approach to the world of promotion that takes as reference the data collected by users thanks to specific tools. Based on the numbers collected, segmented and organized, the best actions are defined to obtain results.

Data Driven Marketing, therefore, uses people’s actions to understand what to do and how to move on certain occasions. This allows you to reduce the uncertainties when working on concrete actions, understand the needs and improve the experience. But why does it work?

Simple, when you have a concrete reference to the actions that people perform you can always set activities with a scientific approach. With the hope, however, that the experimental approach is never lost to bring fresh ideas and to be verified in the basic strategy.

Data drive approach: which sources to use?

The problem of who works on this level concerns, first of all, the type of numbers to use. With a basic error concerning the sources: must they be only and necessarily digital? Of course not, even if a good part of the contents to use for this work comes from:

  • Website.
  • Mobile app.
  • Social media.

A good Data Driven Marketing strategy is able, in case there is the possibility, to acquire information from offline sources. For example, those that come from physical dealers, issued receipts and a call center with the role of customer care service. In addition, there are data that can come from the warehouse and those of direct contacts via email, or in the store.

Is there a book on Data Driven Marketing?

Of course, you can learn more about this topic with the blog on 7 Strategic Tips For Visual Content Marketing “Data-Driven Marketing: Create Winning Strategies Thanks to the Use of Data”. The text description begins with a perfect quote from William Edwards Deming: without data you are just another person with an opinion. We need to give value to our actions.

The real benefits of a data-driven strategy

Operating in this direction gives a series of pluses that are hard to ignore. First you can segment the audience with a different precision, new compared to other solutions that do not include data use. You know well that an in-depth work on buyer personas allows you to be precise and effective in marketing activities. And with all this data becomes possible.

Just as it can help you activate real-time marketing strategies. That is to say, activities able to intercept quick and effective solutions related to topics to be developed in the shortest time.

All of this leads to positive effects for your goals. With Data Driven Marketing you learn specific nuances compared to your customers and the habits of those you want to achieve and this is a decisive factor for ROI. Is not this your final goal?

The difficulties of a data-driven strategy

It is clear that such a reality can become a compass to work hard and well, to deal with marketing in a scientific way. But it is also true that there are some aspects to be amortized and filed to avoid distortions. Any concrete example of this passage?

First there is the difficulty of retrieving information. It is not always easy to reach all the useful numbers because they depend on different sources. Not always collaborative with your needs.

And once the tables are recovered, there is another step to be taken. I speak of the difficulty of making the results usable. Sales data, quote requests, goods in stock, site visits: all this can be useful but there is a need for good skimming and data organization.

Until you reach a real simplification to be entrusted to an attractive visual representation to allow everyone to extrapolate what is needed. Without forgetting the excess of data. How to reach only the numbers you need? There is work to do.

Data Driven Marketing: do you work like this?

All this should not become an impediment but a resource for your way of understanding web marketing and, more generally, the promotion process. Do you agree with this point of view? Do you also work closely with Data Driven Marketing? What is your opinion?

Author Bio: Wanda Mooree run’s professional SEO authority services firm in Texas. Also spends a lot of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young Texas SEO’s and top agencies. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the health and fitness industry and currently associated as a blogger with Justseotech.com

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