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Mobile application is spreading in our lives as a wild fire in almost all aspects of our lives. Be it playing games, listening songs, watching movies, visit to a restaurant; everything is done through mobile application but have you ever imagined what efforts it takes to mobile application development come into place? It is the hard work of mobile application development company that pays off, and the end user performs his tasks easily. The whole process of app development seems to be simple but actually it is a cumbersome process. It is a team effort that follows systematic approach to create any app, and make your life easy. A snapshot is presented in front of you regarding the steps involved in app development to acquaint you regarding the technicalities of the app development.

A mobile application is intended to perform specific operations with or without internet specifically on smart phone or a tablet. It is possible due to certain set of programs but the constraint in case of mobile application is that it has to be downloaded when you require it.

The step that defines what is the problem is laid out which acts as a foundation step to create a mobile application followed by the features to be incorporated in it to overcome the problem stated earlier. it is created keeping in mind the tangibility aspect, and cost consideration of using it.

In the second step, a clarity regarding the target group of an application is laid out to ensure app is hit among the specified target group of customers. A mobile application is created in accordance with the compatibility with several devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones, and so on. A great sense of knowledge is required to get itself supported by hardware of the various devices mentioned above to have an optimized page.

The third step lays the foundation for designing a mobile application. A major challenge in front of the developers is in context of UI design. A challenge is not only limited to UI design as it goes beyond it in setting multi-touch gestures to make it compatible with devices that are touch enabled. It is a crucial aspect in making a mobile application as it is the attribute with which an app development firm creates an impact on the end user by creating a distinctive mobile app design.

The fourth step discusses the approach with which an application is required to be made in accordance with the clients. It depends on the requirements of the client that what type of application will be made. It is the time to convert strategic thinking of an application to action by laying down its prototype which defines basic functionality.

The fifth step incorporates the analytics involved which exhibits the number of visitors accessing, and using the application. A time for the feedback from the target customers is captured in the seventh step because that enables an app development firm to have a visibility in a hub of several apps i.e. app store.

It is important to note that strategy for both mobile app and mobile website are different, and hence cost also varies. On one hand, a different optimization technique is followed to create mobile website whereas mobile app is dependent on the device and can crash any time.

Once every step mentioned above is in place, the mobile application is ready to be deployed which requires planning, scheduling, and testing the application under actual conditions. The process of mobile application is never ending as it keeps on updating new, and trending features.

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